Phillip Island Nature Parks Board of Management values the significant contributions made by community members, groups and volunteers. The Board has established a series of advisory committees that include members with interest or expertise from local community organisations and stakeholders. Members from the Nature Parks Board chair the committees in order to actively engage with the wider community.

Community Advisory Committee
Stella Axarlis (Chair)
Stephen Davie (Board)
Stephen Fullarton
Margaret Hancock
Gill Hardman
Kimberley Brown
Pauline Taylor
Deborah Holland
Julia Nelson

Environment Advisory Committee:
Dr Catherin Bull (Chair)
Andrew Paxton (Board)
Mike Cleeland
Louise Parsons
Penny Manning
Paul Smith
Nicola Tregear
Bessie Tyers
Tim Ealey
Tania Maddigan
Alison Creighton

Education Advisory Committee:
Stella Axarlis AM (Chair)
Wendy Major
Rob Higgins
Donald Paproth
Helen Lechte
Ric Pearce
Linda Thompson
Karen Bowker