Podgy penguins make better breeders suggests new research

Posted on 21/01/2015 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Putting on a little weight over winter increases a penguin’s sexual success according to new research published in Royal Society Open Science today.    

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Dr Kath Handasyde retires as Animal Ethics Committee Chair

Posted on 20/01/2015 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Dr Kath Handasyde, a pre-eminent researcher of Australian mammals, has retired as the Chair of Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Animal Ethics Committee. 

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SitePoint raises $60k for the Penguin Foundation

Posted on 19/01/2015 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

SitePoint, one of the world’s leading resources for web developers and one of the top 700 global websites, has announced their donation of $60,000 to Australia’s Penguin Foundation, a Google Impact Challenge laureate. The money, raised during SitePoint’s annual Christmas sale, will be used for little penguin research and conservation, including projects such as lifesaving oil-absorbing technology to rescue wildlife in the event of an oil spill.

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