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Posted on 12/11/2013 by Phillip Island Nature PArks

Each year the Nature Parks undertakes a range of planned burns to achieve the objectives of the Bass Coast Municipal Fire Management Plan 2011/12 – 2013/14 and the Nature Parks Fire Management Plan 2010 – 2014. Planned burns are conducted to remove weed biomass, promote specific rare or threatened plant regeneration, reduce ground fuel and bark loads, and for broader ecological reasons.  Conducting planned burns during spring and autumn at a time of lower wildfire risk is one of the main tools used to assist with fire prevention and management. 

A series of relatively small mosaic burns are planned in Nature Park reserves to promote a range of burn intensity across a given area.  This is achieved by burning different parts of a reserve over many years, and managing a burn to exclude areas and manage fire intensity in different parts of the reserve.  Mosaic burns promote an increase in biodiversity in the landscape and allow for refuge areas for wildlife during burns. Under the Nature Parks Fire Operations Plan 2013-2016 planned burns are scheduled for the following areas in spring 2013 to autumn 2014:  

Where (and size):

  • Kitty Miller Bay (1.43 hectares)
  • Berrys Beach (1.23, 0.69 and 1.7 hectares)
  • Oswin Roberts Reserve (0.5 and 2.4 hectares)
  • Ventnor Koala Reserve (1.54 and 5.78 hectares)
  • Koala Conservation Centre (0.79 hectares)


  • Whenever there is a day with suitable weather conditions according to the burn prescriptions between late November 2013 to May 2014

Due to the reasonably wet weather we have experienced we are unlikely to proceed with all of these burns in the immediate future. However the Nature Parks is intending to conduct these burns when the conditions are suitable.  Further media releases and advertising will be issued, and reserves will be well signed, notifying the community of the planned burns. All burns will be carried out by trained staff and according to strict procedures and protocols. All stakeholders, such as neighbours, DEPI, CFA and the Bass Coast Shire Council will be notified before the burns take place. 

While this action is taking place across the Nature Parks it is also crucial that individuals take action to plan for their own safety. While it has been a relatively wet past year we cannot afford to be complacent as grass and new growth quickly dries out and adds to the fuel loads. The Nature Parks urges you to become fire ready by visiting the CFA website at

Fire preparedness is a joint responsibility within our community and we look forward to working with you to reduce the possibility of fire risk with a proactive approach, whilst still retaining the natural beauty and biodiversity of Phillip Island.

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