Pupping season at Seal Rocks

Posted on 14/11/2012 by Dr Roger Kirkwood

Pupping season has commenced at Seal Rocks with 5-10% of expected pups born by 14 November, 2012.

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What's on a penguin's menu? The after dinner report

Posted on 13/11/2012 by Dr Andre Chiaradia

As part of monitoring the health of penguins at sea, we regularly try to find out what they are eating.

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Dive in to penguin research

Posted on 01/11/2012 by Research team

Penguins spend 80 per cent of their lives at sea, relying only on marine food. Understanding penguins’ life at sea is critical to for ecosystem-level conservation plans and for protecting the penguins' marine habitats. To do that, we need some good technology and very small gadgets!!

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