Take a virtual journey into the wonderful world of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and engage with the many interactive and immersive experiences in this exhibition, a joint venture between Phillip Island Nature Parks and WWF-Australia.

Comprising three levels, Phillip Island is showcased on the uppermost level, telling the fascinating success story of the conservation of the Summerland Peninsula and its penguin population.

Next, descend into the area known as The Lab, to be entertained and educated through a range of interactive and informative experiences. Feel the Freeze as you enter the Antarctic ‘Chill Zone’, try to sink a bowling ball, compare your thermal image with an Emperor penguin, or check out a sea spider under a microscope. With the remarkable Antarctic landscape as the backdrop, the unique wildlife, ongoing research activities, and the critically important conservation values of this remote continent will come alive before your eyes.

The final level is one of complete immersion in what can only be described as a stunning and breathtaking, state of the art multimedia experience. Find yourself enthralled by the audio visual spectacle which puts you right in the heart of the action. All thanks to the cutting-edge ‘augmented reality’ technology, you will be able to stand on an ice floe and feel like you can reach out to pat a penguin, stroke a seal or marvel at a whale which all appear on the screen with you. 

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What our visitors have said so far:

“Fantastic Journey!! Wonderful exhibition, very educational and lots of fun."
Paul, from Melbourne 

“Brilliant. You felt that you were under the ocean – felt part of it all. It was great to do the learning first and then we were blown away by the screens. It was just beautiful. You feel that the animals are real and can’t even imagine how they made the augmented reality screen. Everybody should see it! Takes you out of yourself and highlights the importance of maintaining wilderness.”
Rosemary, from Foster  

“Awesome!! Educational without being overwhelming! Also it was interesting, as well as calming at the same time.”
Kathleen, from Woorinen South 

“What a very special display, and wonderful photography. It has given me a better understanding of our Antarctic sea creatures and how they survive. Very special. Thank you.”
Ann, from Wonthaggi  

“Very nice job! We had fun.”
Kamlesh, from Carnegie 

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