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Our Mission is:

"To develop a greater understanding of the natural environment through exploration, investigation and hands on activities.

For bookings please contact our booking office on +61 3 5951 2802, or email us at schoolbookings@penguins.org.au. All of our education rangers hold current working with children checks or are VIT registered.The Nature Parks is proud to provide eco-accredited programming and rangers.



Adaptations of Organisms – Unit 1, AOS 2

talk koala adaptations 

Phillip Island is home to some unique and special animals that have adapted to suit our particular environments. Through a mixture of interactive lectures and hands on field work students will undertake three cases studies: the little penguin, the Australian fur seal and the koala. Through studying these animals students will discover structural, physiological, reproductive and behavioural adaptations. These adaptations assist the animals in coping with thermoregulation, osmoregulation and environmental factors.

  • Structural, behavioural, reproductive, and physiological adaptations
  • In field observation of penguin and seal habitat
  • Koala component includes hands on field work, observing behaviours and structural features of taxidermy koalas
  • The Australian fur seal component can be completed aboard the Sea Sprinter on our Eco Boat Tour to Seal Rocks

Duration: 3 hours (plus travel time)

Location: The Penguin Parade (little penguins), The Nobbies Centre (Australian fur seals), The Koala Conservation Centre (koalas)

Download the student workbook here!

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Thermoregulation and Water Balance– Unit 1, AOS 1   

talk seal 2

Students will gain an understanding of the diverse needs of Australian animals. Using little penguins and Australian fur seals as case studies, students will investigate the structural, physiological and behavioural adaptations that relate to thermoregulation and water balance.

  • Thermoregulation and Osmoregulation strategies
  • Compare and contrast strategies  implemented by two different marine animals

Duration: 1 hour

Location: The Penguin Parade

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Rockpool Quadrats – Unit 1, AOS 1

talk rockpool quadrat

Explore the rocky platform and the amazing creatures that live there with the help of our expert rangers. Perform a quadrat analysis to discover where on the platform the different creatures call home and the extent of the biodiversity present. Investigate the special features, biology and threats facing these animals and plants. We also provide your class with the opportunity to conduct quadrats across three different locations in order to compare biodiversity across different rock platforms.

  • Classification
  • Food webs
  • Human interactions and their effects
  • Collect data

Duration: 1 site - 1.5 hours, 2 sites - 2.5 hours, 3 sites - 3.5 hours (plus travel time)

Location: Smiths Beach, Summerland Beach, Flynn's Reef

Download the survey sheet here!

Need more information or would like to make a booking enquiry? Contact us or call: +61 3 5951 2802