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2020 Chirpy Chicks 960 

Welcome to our digital version of Chirpy Chicks! This online version has been designed to increase accessibility to the program and provides teachers with options for participating and engaging students.

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Start by downloading the program overview. This provides a set-by-step guide to the digital resources and accompanying activities.

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These resources will provide you with flexibility in engaging your students.


In-Class Presentation

PowerPoint                 Google Slides

This is a step by step PowerPoint style presentation with links to the viewable resources, ideal when working through the program together as a class.



PowerPoint                Google Slides

This workbook provides students and parents with the opportunity to work through the program in a digital format at home. With links to the viewable resources and digital activities, the workbook provides flexibility for students.


Activity Sheets

These sheets can be printed for students who are working offline.


icon PDFHabitat: Where do they call home? 

Students colour the animals found on Phillip Island, cut them out, and paste them on the landscape in the area they belong.


icon PDFLittle Penguin Features 

Students cut out the different descriptions of features and adaptations and glue them into the correct area on the penguin.

Header All about Penguins

Live Chat

After you have completed the online version of Chirpy Chicks, we have the option of having a 20 minute live chat to answer any questions that the class has and for you to showcase the amazing posters and pledges the kids have created. Contact Ranger Cara at crichardson@penguins.com.au to organise a time that suits.

Extra Resources

We know how amazing our little penguins are and realise your class just might want to keep researching more and more about them! Below are links to different resources that you can use to engage your students further.

Nature Notes - Find out all you need to know about this amazing little wonder called the little penguin

360 Degree Penguin Beach Crossing - View the Little Penguins arriving back to their burrows for the night. Viewable in VR with cardboard headsets.

The Penguin Parade – Experience the penguins on their nightly trip home with this 360’ view from Penguins Plus

What Animal Am I? - Created by Phillip Island Nature Parks, read the story to see what animal has all the features described in the book

3D Penguin – An alternative way of viewing the little penguin features!

Ranger Interview: Burrow Checks - Follow along with Technical Research Officer Paula Wasiak as she checks up on our little penguins at home.

Curriculum Outcomes

2020 Chirpy Chicks Curric

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The Chirpy Chicks learning program is made possible with generous support from Esso Australia.