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Welcome to Turn the Tide 2020!

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Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Education team are delighted to have the opportunity to offer a free-of-charge online program through generous support of the Department of Education and Training through the Strategic Partnerships Program. The Turn the Tide Online program addresses the impacts of the loss of biodiversity. It aims to engage and inspire students to appreciate and care for their school, local community and the environment through a student led project. This project will be supported by:

  • an 'Introduction to Biodiversity' classroom module—work through this easy-to-follow module in your own time to learn about biodiversity
  • an online ranger incursion to talk about the Turn the Tide program, biodiversity and to brainstorm personal actions and projects
  • digital resources and experiences to guide students' learning and knowledge

This online version has been designed to increase accessibility to the program and provided teachers with options for participating/engaging students, both at home and in the classroom.


Let's Get Started!

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Activty Title

Instructions & Overview

Approx. Time

Turn the Tide Pre-survey Open the Turn the Tide Pre-survey. Answer the questions as best as you can without assistance. 10 min
What is Biodiversity? Work through the module available in Google Slides, or as a PDF(limited functionality), to learn more about biodiversity and the Turn the Tide program. Look out for sound buttons and video along the way. 30 min
School/Backyard Biodiversity Audit Time to get outside and see whats in your area. Use the biodiversity audit to see what is in your surrounds. This can be done at school or in a natural space at home such as a backyard or a nearby park. 30 min
Why Biodiversity? (Optional) Find out more about biodiversity with this 'Why Biodiversity?' information sheet. 10 min 
Biodiversity Activity Sheets (Optional) Have a bit of fun and extend your understanding of biodiversity. Download the Biodiversity Activity Sheets here! 30 min 
Reading Time (Optional) Sharing what we are working on helps spread a message. Download and read the “Where is Biodiversity” book to a younger child. 10 min 
Ranger Session Log into the live chat with a ranger and workshop how you can make a difference to biodiversity. Teachers email schoolbookings@penguins.org.au to book in your chat with a ranger. 30 min 
Action Plan Development Download the Action Plan Project Sheet and fill in to create your Action Plan. 30 min 
Action Plan Implementation Spend some time bringing your action plan to life! Using the Project Sheet as your guide, implement your Action Plan and help increase biodiversity either at home or at school. Record your project as you go! You may like to take photos, videos, or keep a diary of your work. 1 - 3hrs 
Share Your Project Take photos and share your project! Send your projects to schoolbookings@penguins.org.au. We will share your project on our website, so our Turn the Tide community can see your hard work and amazing ideas. Make sure you fill out and include the photographic release form so we can showcase your work. 30 min 
Biodiversity Pack To reward student participation and support ongoing biodiversity understanding in your school, on completion of the program our rangers will prepare a project for your school. For example: Bird feeders, Bird watching kits, Mini Beast projects: Insect Hotels, Butterfly Box, Frog Bog kit, Lizard Lounge Kit. Delivered or posted to your school
Turn the Tide Post Survey Open the Turn the Tide Post-survey. Answer the questions as best as you can without assistance. 10 min 


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Check out these videos!

FuseSchool: What is Biodiversity? 

CSIRO: What is biodiversity and why is it important?

Landcare: What's in Your Backyard?

The Gardening Channel: How to Make a Worm Composting Bin, Quick, Simple and Inexpensive Gardening

Things to do:

Backyard Buddies: Build a Butterfly Box

Australian Museum: FrogID

Gardening Australia: Glass Terrariums

Gardening Australia: How to Build a Bug Hotel


Share Your Projects!

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Take photos, videos, build a powerpoint, or an infograph to show off your biodiversity project. Email us at schoolbookings@penguins.org.au to share your work and we'll share it with the world!

Check out the projects here!


Documentation for Schools

Photographic Release Form

Certificate of Currency


We thank The Department of Education and Training for providing funding for the ‘Turn the Tide’ program through their Strategic Partnerships Program.

The Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP) provides funding to not-for-profit organisations to deliver programs to improve student achievement, engagement, health and wellbeing and/or teacher capacity. The SPP supports organisations to provide programs for students and teachers that enable them to access learning opportunities not usually available in mainstream classrooms.


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