The Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Education and Interpretation team were delighted to offer a free of charge program  Turn the Tide to year 5 to 9 students in 2019. The program has been offered through generous support by the Victorian Department of Education and Training Strategic Partners Program.

Turn the Tide addresses the impacts of the loss of biodiversity. It aims to engage and inspire students to appreciate and care for their school, local community and the environment through a student led project. This project is supported by a ranger incursion to introduce the Turn the Tide program and the concept of biodiversity, and an excursion to the Phillip Island Nature Parks to provide the students with the skills and inspiration to implement their projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Department of Education and Training for providing funding for the ‘Turn the Tide’ program through their Strategic Partnerships Program.

The Strategic Partnerships program (SPP) provides funding to not-for-profit organisations to deliver programs to improve student achievement, engagement, health and wellbeing and/or teacher capacity. The SPP supports organisations to provide programs for students and teachers that enable them to access learning opportunities not usually available in mainstream classrooms.

2019 Turn the Tide Logo

Turn the Tide in 2019

In 2019, Turn the Tide engaged 574 students across 20 schools. Below are some examples of student projects run through the Turn the Tide program.

Hallam Primary School

Hallam Primary School is currently undergoing some fantastic redevelopment, which provided the Turn the Tide students with the opportunity to rescue some restablished plants. The students built planter boxes with built in seating, that will allow the students to enjoy the space. They also began a classroom green waste program with the aim of producing compost to use with their established veggie gardens.
 2019 Hallam PS Turn the Tide

Leongatha Primary School

Year 5 and 6 students from Leongatha Primary School came together to create a comprehensive waste system. Their local dairy farm funded their project and the students were able to install 5 compost bins, and 5 worm farms, as well as compost, soft plastic, paper and general waste bins in each classroom.
 2019 Leongatha PS Turn the Tide

Korrumburra Secondary College

Korrumburra Secondary College students have been working hard to increase the amount of habitat in their schools grounds. Students approached a local nursery for assitance with the program and were provided with suitable plants for their frog bog. They have also been creating insect hotels, and well as bird and possum boxes to place through out the school grounds. 
2019 Korrumburra SC Turn the Tide 

Turn the Tide in 2018

In 2018, Turn the Tide engaged 505 students across 20 schools. Below are some examples of student projects run through the Turn the Tide program.

Powlett River Primary School

Powlett River PS has a sports oval with a number of tall eucalypt trees on the Northern side. The trees are all of the same age from a planting some years ago. Students decided that to increase biodiversity in Dalyston they would place bird breeding boxes in the trees. The students worked together to decide where the boxes should be placed and to decorate them. With help, they obtained the materials and someone to help them attach the boxes to the trees. Students went around to the other classes and explained what they were doing and why. They also posted a note in the school newsletter and presented the project at assembly. Afterwards students produced a PowerPoint to share with the rangers. Check it out!

2018 Powlett River possum box 300 x 450

San Remo Primary School

San Remo Primary School planned to clean up and reduce the rubbish from around the school to stop micro plastic entering the ocean nearby. The school was split into different sections (by year levels) and classes designated a chosen area. The types of rubbish found by each group were recorded. Students then compiled a list of suggestions to help reduce the reliance on plastics. This was then posted around the school. Students also produced a power point to share at the end for their celebration. Have a look!

2018 San Remo Primary Turn the Tide

Tootgarook Primary School

Tootgarook Primary School started their project by developing an expression of interest. A call to the local council office resulted in a number of ideas. Tootgarook decided to focus on rubbish in the classroom. Rather than purchase new bins they decided to modify the bins they had. Money was raised and resources purchased to do the work. Rubbish was also sampled from other bins so as students could understand the types and volumes that needed to be planned for. Students also produced a power point to share at the end for their celebration. Take a peak!

2018 Tootgarook Turn the Tide