Turn the Tide on Biodiversity Loss - 2021

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Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Education team are delighted to offer a free-of-charge excursion and online program through the generous support of the Department of Education and Training through the Strategic Partnerships Program.

Turn the Tide on Biodiversity Loss immerses students in the natural environment using Connect, Understand, Act framework to build an understanding of biodiversity and why it is crucial for living things. The experience is made up of an excursion to Phillip Island Nature Parks followed by actions at school. The program enables teachers and students to develop an understanding of biodiversity globally and locally, and then apply this understanding as they conduct biodiversity audits that shape the creation of action plans relevant to their local environment.


Let's Get Started!

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Activity Title


Approx. Time

Biodiversity pre-survey

Teacher led: Download & print the student survey: Turn the Tide Biodiverity Knowledge Pre-survey. Students to answer independently. Teachers, please assist with reading / scribing as required. Please bring your completed pre program surveys along with you on the excursion.

30 min



Why Biodiversity?

Download Turn the Tide on Biodiversity Loss Ranger Presentation (Powerpoint) Please view in presenter mode to enable audio and video media.


Download our “Why Biodiversity’ Information sheet and discuss with students before your excursion. Record any questions students have to bring to your excursion.

30 min

Excursion to Phillip Island Nature Parks

Meet your Education Ranger at the Koala Conservation Reserve. Your excursion will focus on how Nature Parks conservation team manages the health of biodiversity for key species like Little Penguins, Koalas and Threatened Species. Explore the tree top boardwalks and meet our koalas and learn about their unique features and adaptations as well as their requirements from a biodiverse ecosystem for survival. Our rangers will assist students to conduct a biodiversity audit of the Koalas habitat and provide resources for students to then complete a comparative audit once back at school.


(10:30am – 1pm)

School Grounds Biodiversity Audit

Teacher to assist students complete a biodiversity audit at a selected area at school. The audit aims to understand the diversity and health of a selected environment and inform a school action plan to support biodiversity in that environment


Video Conference with your Ranger

A video conference to discuss the results of your school ground biodiversity audit and to brainstorm and plan for a suitable environmental action plan.


Biodiversity post-survey

Teacher led: Download & print the student survey: Turn the Tide Biodiverity Knowledge Pre-survey. Students to answer the questions independently. Teachers, please assist with reading / scribing as required. Please email your completed surveys to your Ranger or to schoolbookings@penguins.org.au

30 min

Implementing Action Plan

Across Term 2/3. Teacher led implementation of action plans (Examples of previous years projects include creation of a new school waste and recycling system, creating a habitat for native  local species; a frog bog, worm farms, lizard lounges or insect hotels. Other schools have created a Biodiversity Action play to perform to other year levels about the actions individuals can take to care for the biodiversity in their environment.

Term 2/ Term 3

Video Conference with your ranger

To share and celebrate your school's action plan.


Additional Resources


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Check out these videos!

FuseSchool: What is Biodiversity? 

CSIRO: What is biodiversity and why is it important?

Landcare: What's in Your Backyard?

The Gardening Channel: How to Make a Worm Composting Bin, Quick, Simple and Inexpensive Gardening

Things to do:

Backyard Buddies: Build a Butterfly Box

Australian Museum: FrogID

Gardening Australia: Glass Terrariums

Gardening Australia: How to Build a Bug Hotel


Share Your Projects!

Setting up worm farm HallamPS

Take photos, videos, build a powerpoint, or an infograph to show off your biodiversity project. Email us at schoolbookings@penguins.org.au to share your work and we'll share it with the world!

Check out the projects here!


Documentation for Schools

Photographic Release Form

Certificate of Currency


We thank The Department of Education and Training for providing funding for the ‘Turn the Tide’ program through their Strategic Partnerships Program.

The Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP) provides funding to not-for-profit organisations to deliver programs to improve student achievement, engagement, health and wellbeing and/or teacher capacity. The SPP supports organisations to provide programs for students and teachers that enable them to access learning opportunities not usually available in mainstream classrooms.


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