Yannin nerlingo! (Come along!)

Our curriculum linked experiences for secondary school groups are facilitated by eco-accredited rangers who are registered teachers or hold current working with children checks. Our programs occur in nature, on Bunurong Country across our iconic sites Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Reserve, Churchill Island, the Nobbies and in our unique coastal and wetland habitats.

We welcome your enquiry. Our Education Administration Officer can help you create the ideal itinerary for your students. Our ranger facilitated experiences can be booked daily at 10:30am, 12:30pm and 3:00pm. Evening activities session time varies with the season.

Bookings can be made via email: schoolbookings@penguins.org.au


Rockpool Ramble


Who eats who in the rockpools? This incredible ranger led nature experience is among our most memorable. Explore our rock platforms and discover how diverse creatures survive in a constantly changing environment. Join us at low tide for a chance to meet the stars of the sea and learn just how connected your life is with these incredibly specialised organisms.

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Cameras & Conservation


Discover how Nature Parks uses wildlife cameras to monitor a threatened species, the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Learn the strategy behind creating an effective camera trap array and get hands on with digital maps, camera image sequences and the data that these systems produce as you participate in conservation processes by identifying and classifying species and threats. Students are challenged to deploy and trigger a wildlife camera and prompted to discuss the ethical considerations in using this technology in public places.

Please note that during this program incidental photographic images may be taken of students as they setup and test a wildlife camera. 

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Food for Thought


Visit the working farm at Churchill Island to explore food and fiber production. Join our rangers to look at the differences between small-scale and large-scale farming, free-range vs caged, and where our products come from and how they get there. Discover a living example of a future farm, where native animals, like the Eastern Barred-Bandicoot, can co-exist with introduced animals and small scale agriculture. Students learn how human alteration of biomes can have long reaching environmental impacts.

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Koala Conservation & Management


Gurrborra (koalas) are specialists, surviving on a toxic diet in a hostile environment. When this environment and the resources are compromised, we see changes rapidly reflected in our gurrborra (koala) population. Walk along our tree top boardwalks and discover the sustainability lessons these momentous marsupials can teach us.

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Protecting our Marine Environment

Protecting ME2 

Learn about the complex interactions between penguins and their environment as you walk with our rangers through the Little Penguin colony to Summerland beach. Students conduct their own survey and explore the origins and pathways of marine debris. Discover how plastic not only effects marine species such as Little Penguins, but how it is impacting on food chains locally and globally. Data collected contributes to a national survey on marine debris.

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Rewild (Levels 5-Tertiary)

Rewind small wide2 

Get up close and personal with some of our native flora. Students join us on an active conservation project and discover Indigenous species and their importance in the ecosystem. Our conservation projects change with the seasons. Students may be planting trees for habitat, collecting seed for propagation, or helping with weed removal. View your conservation efforts on a GIS (Geographic Information System) digital map to gain insight into how Nature Parks protects habitat for wildlife across Millowl (Phillip Island).

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Ranger Walk

Ranger Walk 

Join us in our element for this guided ranger bush, beach or coastal trail walk. Take in the sunrise at Cape Woolamai, explore the world heritage protected wetlands of Rhyll or bushland steeped in history in one of our reserves.

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Ranger Bytes! (Digital – Levels 3-10)

Pengs small wide2 

Join a ranger on the video conferencing platform of your choice. Choose a biological and conservation science learning theme: penguins, koalas, seals or threatened species. Bring your curious questions to these 30-minute, bite size, live sessions that are virtually delivered from our amazing natural places to your classroom. Each digital program has downloadable pre and post resources.



Cameras & Conservation Digital

CC Digi

This interactive learning session provides students an understanding of how science and technology contribute to the conservation of threatened species. Students are supported to identify native species and their threats through a wildlife camera trap image sequencing activity. They consider conservation decisions made in relation to data gathered from wildlife cameras and discuss the ethical considerations when using this technology.



Wildlife Box Building (Levels 3-10)

Box small wide2 

Our wildlife needs your help! A range of native species make use of natural and artificial burrows and in this ranger led hands-on making experience, we ask you to build a box for wildlife. Depending on our conservation needs students will be supported to build artificial penguin burrows or possum, bird or bat boxes. If it can be used at your home or school, students are welcome to take their wildlife box home or leave them to be used by Nature Parks.

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Island Haven (Levels 3-10)


The Bunurong people regularly came to Millowl (Phillip Island) as they moved through Country. What do you think they might have done at this unique place? Discover some of the natural resources that Swan Lake has to offer and gain insight into how human needs, both past and present, may be met by the animals, plants and minerals available in the landscape.

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Shearwater Watch

Shearwaters OJ

On this ranger led walk, experience the thrill of the arrival of the Biyadin (Short-tailed Shearwater). As the sun goes down the scene is set, as these magnificent birds glide in over the ocean. Numbers build as they circle over our heads, gradually spiralling down to seek their individual burrows. Learn about the Bunurong Peoples many uses of this species and about today’s cutting-edge science research that seeks to protect these amazing global travelers. This seasonal experience is available from late spring to late summer.

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Koala Prowl (Levels 3 -10)

small kp2

Discover the amazing nocturnal wildlife of Millowl’s (Phillip Island’s) woodlands from the vantage point of our treetop boardwalks. By the light of a ranger’s spotlight students can spot possums, owls, bats and spider and insect life, and of course the stars of the show, gurrborra (koalas). Investigate the behaviour, habitat and requirements of the nocturnal animals you discover.

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Wildlife Stories (Levels 3-10)

Ash Wildlife Stories2 

In this ranger led activity students learn about the amazing wildlife that call Millowl (Phillip Island) home. Students will be enthralled by an array of unique taxidermy animals, quirky wildlife facts and interesting stories.

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Secondary Work Experience

At Phillip Island Nature parks we inspire careers in environmental conservation with our work experience and volunteering oppurtunities.