Our education team is dedicated to providing safe and enjoyable experiences for our students groups. To this end, we have conducted risk assessments for the different locations and programs that we conduct.



Penguin Parade and the Nobbies Centre Activities

  • Chirpy Chicks
  • Operation Penguin Ranger
  • Penguin Investigation
  • Thermoregulation and Osmoregulation
  • Adaptations of Organisms
  • Change Over Time
  • Penguin Parade Past and Present
  • Penguins on Parade - An Ecotourism Case Study
  • Balancing Tourism and the Environment
  • Protecting the Hooded Plover

icon PDF Penguin Parade and the Nobbies Centre Risk Assessment


Koala Conservation Centre and Bushland Activities

  • Koala Capers
  • Tree Top Travels
  • Momentous Marsupials
  • Koala Prowl
  • Bushland Quadrats
  • Time with Environment
  • Koala Conservation and Management

icon PDF Koala Conservation Centre and Bushland Activities Risk Assessment


Churchill Island Activities

  • Farm Time Frolic
  • Time Traveller
  • Food for Thought

icon PDF Churchill Island Risk Assessment


Wetlands, including Swan Lake, Rhyll Inlet and Fisher's Wetland Activities

  • Mini Beasts, Wetlands and Me
  • Wacky Waterbugs
  • Natural Wetland Indicators

icon PDF Wetlands Risk Assessment


Cape Woolamai Activities     

  • Cape Woolamai: Change Over Time
  • Shearwater Watch
  • Cape Woolamai: Park Management
  • Cape Woolamai: Coastal Processes

icon PDF Cape Woolamai Risk Assessment


Incursion programs including programs at accommodation sites            

  • Wacky Waterbugs
  • Camp Stories
  • Holiday Programs

icon PDF Incursion Risk Assessment


Beach and Rockplatform Activities including Smiths Beach, Summerlands Beach and Flynn's Reef            

  • Beach Treasures
  • Rockpool Ramble
  • Rockpool Quadrats
  • Marine Debris Survey

icon PDF Beaches and Rock Platform Risk Assessment


Saving Australian Wildlife Program            

 icon PDF Saving Australian Wildlife Risk Assessment


Marine Park Investigation            

icon PDF Marine Park Investigation Risk Assessment