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Helen - Helen uses her passion as an educator to create emotional bonds between her students and the nature parks, to ensure that our upcoming generations thrive in their role of environmental stewards. She started on her path of conservation as secretary of her school’s environmental committee in Brisbane, hosting environmental conferences and Clean Up Australia Day events.  In 2005, she completed her Bachelor of Primary Education and Bachelor of International and Global Studies, before heading off to the remote and snowy prefecture of Aomori in Japan as an English teacher.  With her new found Canadian husband, she then moved to Victoria in British Columbia and worked as an outdoor educator before taking on an interpretation and education role at the Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park. She has now swapped dark underground passages for penguin filled sunny beaches, but has retained her enthusiasm, drive and love of the outdoors.


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Graeme - Graeme has had a strong connection with the land and wildlife on Phillip Island since exploring it’s nooks and crannies as a child in the 60’s. As such, Graeme has an intimate knowledge of the natural history and cultural heritage of the area. In the past Graeme has been a part of many local committees, including the conservation society, as well as being a Shire Councillor. He is extremely passionate about maintaining cultural links to the land and community and leads the way in the protection of the incredible short tailed shearwaters that visit our shores each year. Having completed a Diploma of Recreation and a post graduate Diploma in Natural and Cultural Heritage Interpretation, Graeme is an invaluable member of our team. Today, his commitment to educating people about cultural and environmental conservation is as strong as ever.



Ashton - Environmental conservation has been a lifelong passion for Ashton. She has travelled the world exploring diverse environments, giving her an invaluable appreciation for Australia’s unique flora and fauna and an understanding of a wide variety of cultures. After completing a Bachelor of Conservation Biology and Ecology, Ashton undertook her honours in Environmental Science in 2009 here at the Nature Parks. Ashton has also completed her Diploma of Education and aspires to educate and inspire others to protect the environment through engaging and experiential learning. Ashton joined the Nature Parks as a ranger at the Penguin Parade and is now an enthusiastic member of the Education Team. In summer one of Ashton's loves is to watch the migratory birds at Rhyll Inlet.

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Cara - Cara has been involved with the Nature Parks in some capacity since 1993! After many hours spent volunteering with the environment, research and education teams, Cara landed a job as a Parade Ranger in 1994. Cara is now one of our most valued education rangers and has seen many positive environmental changes to the Nature Parks over the years. Having completed a number of qualifications, Cara also has both theoretical and experiential knowledge to bring to the team. As an Education Ranger Cara is responsible for developing and implementing environmental education programs among many other things. Cara considers “viewing the nightly arrival of the short-tailed shearwaters as one of the most spectacular wildlife experiences around”.  



Sue - Sue joined the Penguin Parade ranger team in 2007 after 10 years of volunteering with the Nature Parks. Sue has a wealth of teaching experience behind her and a zealous passion for the environment. Sue has been an effervescent member of our education team since 2011 when she landed her dream job. Working as a ski and swimming instructor and an outdoor education teacher for many years all around the world, Sue loves the idea of the “outdoor classroom”. She now spends her days as an Education Ranger planning programs and teaching a myriad of students about environmental issues and how they can help. Sue is particularly passionate about marine debris awareness and short-tailed shearwaters.




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Claire - Claire grew up exploring the wetlands and farmland of her hometown in country Victoria, and spent the weekends camping in the High Country with her family. This time in nature as a child helped to create an appreciation and wonder for the natural world around her, which she continued through her studies as a Marine Biologist. Claire began working at Phillip Island Nature Parks in 2014 and has never looked back since.  As an environmental educator, Claire aims to engage students and adults alike within nature, helping them to find the same connection and passion as she experiences. Her hope is to instill the future generations towards sustainable use and appreciation of our natural world. 
 Kim - Kim’s love of nature began as a child in the country surrounded by bushland, rolling hills and an abundance of native wildlife. Encounters with kangaroos, wombats, possums and echidnas on almost a daily basis moulded her passion towards ensuring that we look after Australia’s natural environment. Whilst studying Natural Resource Management, Kim’s love affair with Phillip Island began with placement at the Nature Parks. After working, travelling and raising a family, she was drawn back to the Nature Parks in 2014 by the beauty and abundant wildlife of Phillip Island, as well as the dedication by Phillip Island Nature Parks to sustain and invest in the local environment, of which she is excited to be part of. She spends her spare time saving and fostering orphaned wildlife. Through her experience, stories and passion she hopes to inspire action in helping the environment. Profile Kim N
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Martin - Martin completed his science degree in the 1980s formalising his keen interest in the environment by taking a sub major in outdoor education as part of his degree. He began his teaching career in 1987 teaching in a range of schools across Melbourne. As opportunities arose he was able to focus his teaching more on the environment, specifically the place he loves, Phillip Island. For the past 30 years Martin’s second home has been Phillip Island and now it’s his permanent one. He’s been studying the environment of Phillip Island for many years and as a teacher bringing his VCE students down to the island to study the ecology of the area and how we can learn the lessons of the past, live in balance with nature and enjoy it. He is actively involved with the establishment of a wild population of the critically endangered, Eastern Barred Bandicoot onto Churchill Island and Phillip Island.  


Ashley - Ashley spent the first part of his career in the tourism industry.  He spent a decade guiding tours throughout Australia, visiting some of Australia’s premier natural attractions, particularly in northern and central Australia.  Ashley joined the Nature Parks over twenty years ago, taking on a job that combined his love of natural places and his passion for conservation of the natural environment.  He spent much of this time serving as the senior ranger at the Koala Conservation Centre looking after a large part of the Island’s koala population and their habitat.  He sees his move to the Nature Parks’ Education Department as bringing his career to its logical climax, enabling him to share his knowledge and experience to encourage the current custodians of planet earth to step lightly on our shared habitat.

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