Posted on 16/02/2017 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Young wildlife warriors watch over our Hoodies

With temperatures soaring, you would expect that most children holidaying on Phillip Island would spend as much time in the water or playing on their devices as they possibly could, but not so for a group of four pretty special kids who visited Surf Beach in January.

During their time at the beach, this group of youngsters were so enthralled by the pair of Hooded Plovers (Hoodies) and their chick, and concerned for their welfare, that they took it upon themselves to raise awareness and some hard earned cash to aid in the conservation of this endangered bird.

Tore, Ollie, Mathilda and Soleil took it upon themselves to set up an information and fund-raising stall in their front yard, complete with a hand-drawn poster and a collection bucket. Not a pedestrian, cyclist or even occasional car managed to get by without the kids spruiking about this worthy cause. Impressively they managed to collect a total of $39.10 from the passers-by who all left with a greater understanding of the importance of preserving this wonderful little bird.

“This was a fantastic effort, especially in the height of summer” said Daniel Lees, Phillip Island Nature Parks Ranger and Hooded Plover Watch coordinator. “It was a great pleasure to not only see these kids embrace the need for conservation so wholeheartedly, but also to inform them just a few days later that despite the odds the chick fledged, becoming able to fly and make its own way in the world.”

Hooded Plover Watch is a community-based initiative supported by the Penguin Foundation, Phillip Island Nature Parks, BirdLife Australia, Parks Victoria and Bass Coast Shire Council. For more information or to learn about becoming a volunteer, please contact Daniel at