Posted on 19/01/2018 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Records tumble at the Penguin Parade

After what we all thought was a slow start to the breeding season, Phillip Island’s penguins have picked up the pace and have now built up a full head of steam.

Penguin Parade visitors enjoyed record numbers of penguins crossing the beach during December with an average of 2,018 penguins every night, more than 50% higher than the previous year. The penguins even gave us a belated Christmas present with around 4,000 penguins crossing on 3 consecutive nights from Boxing Day onwards.

Penguin chicks are now starting to fledge or leave the colony, and their very healthy weights (some are heavier than their parents) mean they have an increased chance of survival.

Even though the penguins had a later breeding onset than recent previous years, they are now heading towards the end of another successful breeding season.

Wall of penguins

Wall of penguins 3