Posted on 13/02/2013 by Phillip Island Nature Parks' research department

Penguins in burrow web

Summer research in the penguin colony indicates the penguins are having a good breeding season. Most chicks have fledged and a high proportion of penguins are having a second clutch. At the Penguin Parade, almost half of adult penguins had a second go at breeding, making this season one of the highest for second clutches recorded in the past approximately 20 years at the Penguin Parade. A quarter of nests still have penguins sitting on eggs or with small chicks.

December average penguin weight in the graph below is a bit misleading. The graph indicates a drop in weight below average during December but this result was caused by the fact that many chicks crossed the weighing platform at fledging day! Chicks were usually around 800 to 1000 grams at fledging, dragging the total average down in December. With most chick fledged, the average weight was back to normal in January.

Penguin weight graph Sep Jan 2013