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Posted on 05/02/2016 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Penguins make a big song and dance 

Romance is alive and well on Phillip Island ahead of Valentine’s Day, and the little penguins are leading the way in the art of courtship. Next Sunday evening the florists will be packing up after a busy day, the restaurants will be filled with couples showing their affection, and the penguins will be putting on a song and dance of their own. 

The most impressive performance to watch is the ‘full trumpet display’, which usually sees the male start by raising his flippers and pointing his bill forward, then launching in to song. The intensity increases and his body and flippers are raised and lowered, so the flippers almost touch behind his back. When the female joins in, the pair sings a duet which is nearly always synchronised so that one penguin calls on an exhaled breath and one on an inhaled breath, creating a wonderfully discordant song. 

Of all the penguin species, the little penguin is the most vocal, and their dance moves would put many of us to shame. Their courtship displays are designed to attract a mate or consolidate a ‘pair-bond’ by this show of affection. 

You too can show your affection this Valentine’s Day by adopting a little penguin for that special person, and help protect the world’s smallest penguins. The Penguin Foundation’s adopt-a-penguin program raises vital funds and awareness to support research, conservation and the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured little penguins. 

As well as receiving updates about the penguin colony, a birthday greeting and photo of your penguin, a free ticket also allows you and your love to cuddle up at the Penguin Parade any night of the year – and perhaps spot your own special penguin marching up the beach! 

Since the Penguin Foundation’s launch in 2006, over $1.5 million has been raised for Phillip Island’s little penguins, including funding the building of a new Wildlife Clinic capable of caring for 500 penguins in the event of an oil spill. 

Adopt a penguin today by visiting or call 03 5951 2800.

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