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Posted on 20/09/2016 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Art exhibition at the Nobbies celebrates an iconic landmark

Phillip Island’s glorious rock formation known as the Nobbies has inspired millions of visitors over the years, and perhaps none more so than the band of artists whose artistic impressions will be on display in the Nobbies Centre from 19 September to 9 October.

Phillip Island Nature Parks is proud to host The Nobbies Exhibition, presented by The Chan Academy Australia. The exhibition features 15 paintings created by its members, some of whom had visited the island and painted the Nobbies on many occasions during the past 25 years. This exhibition is based on the ancient ink painting style which originated in China, and has been adopted by Buddhists and used as a form of Meditation, creating an art form that is aesthetically beautiful.

The Chan Academy continues this ancient tradition in an Australian context. A few simple brushstrokes capture the beauty and charm of nature, and inspiration is drawn from the natural surroundings, such as the changes of season, a gum tree blowing in the breeze or a frog jumping into a pond. ‘The Way of the Brush’ is now taught by Anita Carter at the academy in Upwey and this exhibition features many of her works, and other works by the painting school's students, along with former Chan Academy Teacher Melba Nielsen.

So if you needed any more incentive to visit the Nobbies during these school holidays in addition to the Superhero training activities, the Antarctic Journey experience, and the magnificent views from the Nobbies boardwalks, then look no further. The Nobbies Exhibition will be on display until Sunday, 9 October.

Chan Academy Exhibition 1    Chan Academy Exhibition 2a

Chan Academy Exhibition 3


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