Media Releases 2018

Posted on 20/08/2018 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Minor wind damage at the Nobbies

Sunday’s gale force winds were felt right across the island, including out at the Nobbies where a total
of 4 solar panels became dislodged from the roof and landed in the car park and surrounding areas.
No one was injured by this incident and thanks to the quick action of staff on site, the panels were
secured to stop them blowing further afield.

In order to ensure the safety of both visitors and staff, the decision was made to temporarily close the
Visitor Centre, the boardwalks and the car park until the roof and remaining panels could be inspected
the following morning.

Monday morning’s inspection revealed that the roof and remaining panels were in a safe and secure
condition, so the Visitor Centre and surrounding areas were re-opened at 11.00am.
Further investigations will be carried out to ensure the Nobbies has a safe, long-term solar solution
that can withstand any further extreme weather events.


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