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Posted on 24/08/2018 by Phillip island Nature Parks

Keeping the island fox-free

To ensure Phillip Island remains fox-free, Phillip Island Nature Parks is undertaking a range of activities on the mainland and on the island, including the recent installation of a “Foxcam” on the Phillip Island bridge.

Using a series of infra-red sensors, Foxcam is designed to detect any fox crossing over the bridge to Phillip Island, with an e-mail alert sent to program staff who can then respond to any incursion immediately.

Genetic studies have shown foxes from the mainland have made their way on to Phillip Island in the past, possibly using the bridge for easy access.

In addition to the Foxcam on the bridge, the Nature Parks is also assisting with the creation and maintenance of a buffer zone of low fox density around San Remo and the Anderson Peninsula to minimise the risk of foxes migrating on to Phillip Island.

Monitoring programs will continue across the island, including the use of fox detection dogs and infra-red cameras, to ensure that Phillip Island’s biodiversity and wildlife are protected from the destruction of the European red fox.


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