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Posted on 24/02/2017 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The Lady Nelson “launched” at Churchill Island

The Lady Nelson has returned to Churchill Island almost 216 years after her initial arrival under the command of Lt James Grant in 1801, although her crew will be significantly smaller this time around.

A beautifully detailed 1:24 scale model of the Lady Nelson was “launched” at Churchill Island Heritage Farm on Thursday, 23 February in a much anticipated event attended by members of the Friends of Churchill Island Society Inc. (FOCIS) and the model builder David Lumsden.

FOCIS President David Maunders said “We are very fortunate to have someone of David’s expertise build this model which has taken him hundreds of hours to complete. FOCIS has contributed with many of the materials, and David has very kindly donated his time in the construction of this wonderful replica.”

David Lumsden built his first model of the Lady Nelson 27 years ago using plans he drew himself. “Now that professionally drawn plans have become available, I have been able to use a combination of these plans with my original drawings to guide the construction of this model,” said David.

“Extensive research was still required to make informed guesses about aspects including the colour of the hull and placement of the long boats,” David continued. “I really enjoy the research elements of model-making. I become immersed in the history of a ship and the people who sailed her.”

The Lady Nelson had a colourful career, becoming the first colonial vessel to chart Port Phillip Bay in 1802. She accompanied Capt. Matthew Flinders to explore the Queensland coast and Great Barrier Reef, and was later involved in the evacuation of the first Port Phillip Settlement, and the transfer of the Norfolk Island penal settlement to Hobart. The Lady Nelson was finally posted as a supply ship to the settlements on Melville and Bathurst Islands until she was seized by pirates on Timor and destroyed in 1825.

The model is set to be on permanent display at Churchill Island Heritage Farm.

CI LN close up 23.2.17 LR


CI David and David 23.2.17 LR

David Maunders (FOCIS President on left, David Lumsden (Model builder) on right


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