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Posted on 06/03/2017 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Phillip Island Nature Parks Board has its first meeting for 2017

The Phillip Island Nature Parks Board met on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 February for its annual Budget and Business Planning session, as well as to receive updates on ongoing conservation and development projects, and meet with the Bass Coast Shire Councillors.

Budget and Business Planning
The Board met with the Nature Parks’ senior management team, receiving a briefing on year to date achievements, and was pleased to note an increase in international visitation of 13%. Future priorities were also discussed including the continuity of operations at the Penguin Parade during the construction of the new Penguin Parade Visitor Centre. The Board noted that the business continuity planning ensured operations would continue without interruption and there would be a smooth transition to the new centre.

Penguin Parade Visitor Centre Development
The Board met with the architects from Terroir for an update on the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre development. The Board was delighted to see that the project was on track, and received a briefing on the progress of the centre’s design from the high-level concept drawings approved in December to the schematic design stage.

Eastern Barred Bandicoot Project
The Board received an update from Dr Peter Dann on the trial release of Eastern Barred Bandicoots on Churchill Island which commenced in August 2015. The Board was pleased with the levels of community consultation that had taken place during this project. Board members were delighted to learn not only that the adult bandicoot population had quadrupled on the island since release, with many pouch-young and young-at-foot bandicoots evident, but also that there had been no negative impact on the island’s flora and fauna.

Nature Parks CEO Appointment
The Board noted that the recruitment process for a new CEO for the Nature Parks is progressing well.

Bass Coast Shire Council
The Board had an evening meeting with the new Bass Coast Shire Councillors and provided them with updates on our major projects. The Board noted the importance of continuing the constructive working relationship the two organisations have enjoyed to achieve the best outcomes for Phillip Island and the Bass Coast region.

Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-18
The Board discussed the implementation of the Nature Parks’ second Reconciliation Action Plan and noted the positive progress on many of the plan’s actions. The Reconciliation Advisory Committee was established in October 2016 with Nature Parks’ Board member Stephen Davie as Chair, ensuring the continued commitment of the Nature Parks to the development of strong relationships, mutual respect and the provision of opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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