The Barb Martin Bushbank is temporarily closed to the public.

Trade customers can contact us at

Our thoughts are with all of those impacted by coronavirus, and we look forward to welcoming visitors back to the nursery in the future

Updated September 2020

The Bushbank is fully stocked with plenty of indigenous plants, many of which have been locally sourced and grown, for the local community to be able to plant in their gardens.

With habitat disappearing at an alarming rate, you can help provide wildlife with an oasis of habitat they need to thrive. The native plants that you use can meet the needs of native wildlife without causing long-term damage to local plant communities.  

Barb Martin Bushbank Native Plant Nursery details:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0427 897 448
  • Barb Martin Bushbank Address: 1810 Phillip Island Road, Phillip Island
  • Opening Hours: 9am-3pm Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 
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